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The black panther is a fascinating animal; elegant and formidably efficient.  Calm yet fierce. Luxury comes naturally: just add efficiency and aesthetics. Sleek is directly inspired by this fantastic feline. A lens that handles contradictions with ease, that fully embraces the current “Athleisure” trend.

Sleek Lens

The Sleek Lenses manufacturing process gives them never-seen-before properties :

When efficiencymeets aesthetics

Sleek, the “Rolls Royce” of the technical lens, is just that: a product of history, our history, and our commitment to embracing the latest trends. A polarized, unbreakable lens designed to protect you from glare and projected objects whilst maintaining its aesthetics: through an unparalleled, unique process, the mirrored coating that gives the lens its colour is scratch resistant.


Innovationcomes from...

Athleisure, or the new power clothing.

Far from being anecdotal, this trend already has a name:

Athleisure (contraction of the English words “athletic” and “leisure”, or “casual”), a new category of clothing originally designed for the gym but equally suited to the office, and even more formal occasions, since its takes its style cues from the catwalk. Athleisure is for the modern woman – the independent, liberated and accomplished businesswoman who affords herself the luxury of mixing genres and styles between the gym and the office.

This trend is simply a continuation of history…

A good bunchof history

A certainsense ofFreedom

Moderncapacity ofmixing thecontradictory

Dalloz Creations

Our own heritageand love for innovation

Dalloz Creations is located in a valley in the French Jura mountains. Historically a region focused on industry and innovation, we are the direct heirs of this culture.
Dalloz Creations lives for innovation. It’s in our DNA. We were pioneers in the injection and sale of polycarbonate under the “Cridalon” patent in the late 1970s. We are the only producers in the world to place precious metals on thermoplastic lenses (patented). Our R&D department is in tune with the market and is dedicated to developing unique products. Over 40 years of technical expertise dedicated to high-end Made In France production.

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Sleek lenses, the Athleisure Lens by Dalloz Creations